B.B.A. Human Resources Management

Why study Human Resources
Our Human Resource Management curriculum is fully updated for the modern workplace—you’ll learn about the challenges of remote work and the technologies that power the way we work now.

What is it?

  • Human Resources professionals focus on a range of topics including training and development, staffing and recruiting, and compensation strategies. 

Why is it practical?

  • The median pay of an HR Resources Specialist is $61,920 and a Human Resources Manager is $113,000.
  • Human Resources (HR) is a core function of essentially every business and more companies are seeking new college graduates to fill roles in their HR department

Why is it unique or exciting?

  • This Human Resources degree is career-oriented, incorporating feedback from a variety of corporations to determine which skills were missing from most recent graduates

All trades
Human Resource professionals always wear many hats, and you’ll learn how they all fit—business, finance, people skills, management, and more.

Your study will include courses designed to help you create a portfolio of work to show to prospective employers, as soon as you graduate.

Facts Breakdown


Median Salary for Human Resource Specialists


Projected 10-Year Job Growth


Number of Jobs

With her curly hair in a low pony tail, a young woman rests her face on her hand and gently smiles.

"As a business student at Southwestern Adventist University, I was provided with so many opportunities. With small classes, you really feel that your voice is heard, especially when you’re having trouble with a certain project or assignment. The professors are all very approachable and are great mentors -- they have your best interest at heart."
"Being part of the Enactus team was a very rewarding and empowering experience. I would advise all students to join this wonderful team that will provide them with many skills, not only in your personal life but your future career as well. I can truly say that my experience with the Department of Business Administration and Enactus helped me to get where I am today. Those great memories will stay with me forever."  

-Roselyn Treviño Moore, Class of 2016, HIRS Analyst at Texas Health Resources

Good people power good business

Want to make somewhere a great place to work? HR professionals play a vital role in keeping businesses successful. They do everything from hiring and training new employees, to creating workplace policies, to planning activities and programming for employees.

Faculty Profiles

Aaron Moses, PhD

Department of Business Administration
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administrat

Satyanarayana Ramella, PhD

Department of Business & Financial Services
Assistant Vice President

Chanda Santo, MBA

Department of Business Administration
Assistant Professor