B.B.A. Operations & Supply Chain Management

Why study Operations & Supply Chain Management
This curriculum has been heavily influenced by one of the top academic voices in supply logistics, and input from Fortune 500 leaders.

What is it?

  • Operations & supply chain management is how companies get us the products we all consume. As Amazon and E-commerce continues to take over the world, every company is now in the business of optimizing their supply chain.

Why is it practical?

  • Employees in Supply Chain earn an average of $82,000 annually, and that number can jump to $97,000 for professionals with 3-5 years of experience.
  • According to a recent study, 93% of supply chain management graduates are finding employment 3 months after graduation.

Why is it unique or exciting?

  • Supply chain is a cutting-edge field and rapidly changing, so the curriculum is constantly updated to make sure you are learning the most up-to-date info

Global reach
Our Operations & Supply Chain Management major features voices from all over the world, so your perspective on this global industry will be truly international.

Real-world knowledge
You’ll learn skills you can use on day one of your first job in the industry, making you a strong candidate immediately after graduation.

Facts Breakdown


Median Annual Salary for Logisticians


Projected 10-Year Growth

A young man with short brown hair smiling as he wears a jacket

“You might ask how did I get here? Well, I can honestly say it starts with learning the basics from humble beginnings. Some of the best classes in my opinion that have helped me significantly today would be Business Policies and Strategies, Competition and Industry Analysis, Cross-Cultures Studies and Communications just to name a few. Just from these few classes influenced the importance of business strategy influences every decision made in all industries.
“There have been times where I have had to give reports directly to Clients Executives (CEOs, COOs, and CFOs). Delivering timelines to justify giving my team 2-3 weeks to develop a CI/CD Pipeline (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment) to show them the benefits of Cost Analysis and Time Saved in man hours long term by allowing us to create this automated process for them. Knowing these strategies that I learned when I was at Southwestern has helped me to be successful in my career.”
- Ronald Gaban, computer science and business alum, customer engineer at Microsoft Corporation

Move goods around the world

Just about everything you’ve ever bought has been brought to your hands through a global network of logistics: factories, warehouses, transport vehicles, and more. The process of getting a product from where it’s produced to the individual person who needs it has grown ever more immense in scale, and operations & supply chain professionals are the people who plan and run these complex interconnected systems.

Faculty Profiles

Aaron Moses, PhD

Department of Business Administration
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administrat

Satyanarayana Ramella, PhD

Department of Business & Financial Services
Assistant Vice President

Chanda Santo, MBA

Department of Business Administration
Assistant Professor