Channel 18 KGSW-LD

Southwestern Adventist University is the only Seventh-day Adventist college or university in the world that owns and operates its own television station. The station, KGSW-LP, was the first television station in North America to become an affiliate of the Hope Channel.


KGSW-LP (low power) began broadcasting in April 1994 on UHF Channel 60 featuring a mixture of programming from 3-ABNAll News Channel, and Worship Network. The station also produced over 150 episodes of Southwestern Magazine along with numerous concerts, lectures, sporting events, worship programs, and news programs. After nearly 10 years of operation, the FCC removed the upper UHF channels from the frequencies allotted to television stations and KGSW moved to UHF Channel 31. When the FCC announced the end of all analog UHF broadcasting, KGSW began the process of converting to the new digital television standard and in the summer of 2012 moved to digital channel 18 with the new call letter designation of KGSW-LD (low power digital).

Mission and Ministry

KGSW’s original on-air mission statement was “Into All the World” from Mark 16:15.

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (KJV)

Over the past 20 years, KGSW and Studios at Southwestern has done this quite literally by training students that have gone on to work in television ministry at Hope Channel3-ABN, the Adventist Media Center, and church media departments all over the world.

As KGSW begins its third decade of providing students with unique training opportunities in visual media, we are taking a closer look at Christ’s admonition to go “into all the world” by asking ourselves, “Where does our world begin?”

Where does anyone’s world begin? It begins where you are standing. Your world starts with you and your family and friends. It’s wherever your feet take you on any given day. Your world includes everyone you come in contact with from the clerk at the grocery store to the stranger you have that casual conversation with while waiting in line at the local convenience store. The world starts here, where we are, right where we are standing, and for KGSW, that means our world starts at SWAU and the Keene/Cleburne community.

We are committed to providing our viewers with quality spiritual programs from Hope Channel, the Keene SDA Church, and the university. KGSW produces Johnson County’s only live, local, television newscast, and each week we resolve to do our very best to cover local news stories to properly inform our viewing audience about the world we live in, the world that starts right here in Johnson County.

We realize that to properly train broadcast professionals to work around the world, we must first serve our local audience. In conjunction with SWAU’s FM radio station, KJRN, plans are underway to build a 400 foot broadcast tower, which will greatly increase the coverage area of both stations and improve our signal quality for viewers in Keene, Cleburne, and Alvarado. It is our goal to use the increased height of our antenna, to better serve our audience. The world starts here, with you and KGSW.