Do you enjoy researching and discovering how different atoms, molecules and ions work and react to each other? Our B.S. in Chemistry program offers a rigorous but rewarding study of the major areas of chemistry. With this degree, you’ll study the areas of:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Instrumental Method of Analysis
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

Students will also get extensive laboratory experience in analytical methods, separation techniques, and spectroscopy.


A B.S. in Chemistry generally requires more science credits than a B.A. degree. This is because a B.S. in Chemistry gives you the opportunity and advantage to study and understand Chemistry at an in depth level and has fewer classes outside this area of study. If a student’s interest is solely in the research of biochemistry, organic chemistry, or other major areas of chemistry, this is the perfect degree.


Career Field
On an average day, chemists and material scientists work in laboratories and offices studying substances at the atomic and molecular levels and analyzing the ways in which the substances interact with one another. They typically work full time and keep regular hours. (BLS)


With a B.S. in Chemistry, you will be prepared for a variety of jobs in mathematics, science, education, kinesiology, medicine, and business industries.


  • Chemist
  • Material Scientist
  • Pharmacologist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Toxicologist
  • Geoscientist
  • Analytical Chemist

Expected employment growth of forensic science technicians between 2018-2028

Required Courses  
Item #Title Credits 
CHEM 111General Chemistry 14
CHEM 112General Chemistry 24
CHEM 201Research Methods in the Physical Sciences1
CHEM 221Modern Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 231Organic Chemistry 14
CHEM 232Organic Chemistry 24
CHEM 341Physical Chemistry 14
CHEM 342Physical Chemistry 24
CHEM 431Biochemistry 14
CHEM 462Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 475Research Methods in Chemistry4
 BS CHEM Electives Upper Division 4
 Sub-Total Credits44
Required Cognates  
Item #TitleCredits
CSIS 110Principles of Programing 13
MATH 181Calculus 14
MATH 182Calculus 24
MATH 283Calculus 34
PHYS 121General Physics 14
PHYS 122General Physics 24
 Sub-Total Credits23


Recomended Cognates  
Item #TitleCredits
MATH 321Differential Equations3
PHYS 221General Physics with Calculus 11
PHYS 222General Physics with Calculus 21
 Intermediate Foreign Language6
 Sub-Total Credits11


Faculty Profiles

Jonathan Duarte, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Associate Professor

Ryan Loga, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Assistant Professor

Nicholas Madhiri, PhD

Professor and Department Chair

Gerald Springer, PhD