A black and white poster with yellow words stating that a program called "Truth" has 2 Emmy Nominations

Two EMMY® Nominations in the category of Historic/Cultural - Program Feature/Segment. 
Additionally, the films writer/director Kyle Portbury received an EMMY® nomination for outstanding achievement in directing. - September 2018

Finalist in the 61st CINE Golden Eagle Awards - July 2018

Best animation at the 5th annual Fort Worth Indie Film Festival in Sundance Square - August 2018

A poster with 14 different parts of photos with a portion in the middle that reads "beyond the search"



Beyond Heroes (Beyond the Search, Episode 5), directed by Kyle Portbury, has been nominated for awards at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival in Florida. The awards ceremony will be in May of 2017. The awards include Best Documentary and Best Director. The nomination can be viewed here. Watch the episode here

A poster for "Tell the World" that shows a woman in the field and above shows four different characters in the film



Tell the World Episode 4, directed by Kyle Portbury, has been nominated for awards at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival of Florida. The awards ceremony will be in early May 2017.  The awards include Best Short Film/TV Episode and Best Short Screenplay. The nomination can be viewed here. Watch the episode here


Tell the World Episode 2 won an Award of Excellence at the 2017 Best Shorts Film Festival in LA, California.


Kyle Portbury was nominated for the Australian Directors Guild for the Tell the World ​ online series release, for Outstanding Direction in an Online Drama.  

A poster for "The Prepper" that shows someone, standing in front of dead trees, wearing a gas mask and a green jacket that has a hood



The Prepper, directed and edited by the Film Production Class, won Best Student Comedy Short at Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas - June 25-26, 2016. The film was also nominated in three categories including best comedy short, best sound design, and best cinematography at the Sonscreen Film Festival.



100% Match, directed and edited by communication major Shane Miosi, “Officially Selected” for the Rock Port International Film Festival, Corpus Cristi, TX - November 3-5, 2016.  It also won Honorable Mention in the Best Comedy Short category at the Sonscreen Film Festival.