Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science

will help students develop computational and critical thinking skills to prepare them on how to create and use new technologies. Much more than just computer programming, computer science can be used in a wide variety of industries from healthcare to information technology.If you have a passion and talent for problem solving and you love making computers carry out your commands, this is the right degree for you! The art and science of problem solving that you learn as a computer science major can help you succeed in many different disciplines.


It may surprise you, but most people are either not well-equipped to solve problems, or perhaps are just not interested in tackling them! As a result, people who can solve large and complex problems are in demand in all types of fields.

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Robotics Class Teaches Students Practical Skills

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SWAU Students Update App as Internship


B.S. Computer Science, Cybersecurity Emphasis

Are you looking for a rewarding career protecting information systems from cyber attacks? Then maybe a B.S. Computer Science, Emphasis in Cybersecurity is the perfect degree for you!

B.S. Computer Science

Southwestern Adventist University’s Computer Science program is directed at students who want a real-world education in software development in the context of Christian values of service. The program teaches problem-solving skills, develops professionalism and ethics, teaches multidisciplinary cooperation, teaches teamwork and best practices.

Minor in Computer Science

Interested in the world of computer science but don’t want a computer science degree? Then a minor in computer science may be the perfect choice!

Your Future


Computer science is a rigorous but rewarding area that opens a variety of careers in information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, weather forecasting, arts and financial services industries. 


  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer/Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Systems Manager/Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Researcher
  • Network Administrator
  • IT Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Health Information Technician
  • Video Game Developer
  • Web Designer

Median annual wage for computer and information research scientists in May 2019

Faculty Profiles

Daryl Thomas, PhD

Department of Computer Science
Professor and Department Chair

Miguel Espinosa, MS

Department of Computer Science
Assistant Professor