Course Descriptions


BSLM 301 – Legal and Ethical Framework of Senior Living

This course will examine the federal and state laws and regulations applicable to the classification, construction and operation of senior living facilities. It will also discuss how to evaluate and minimize risk of legal action as well as explore ethical issues related to the operation and management of senior living facilities.

BSLM 302 – Quality in Resident Care and Services

This course will discuss how to provide excellent quality of care and customer service to all senior living facility stakeholders. Topics covered will include facility design, customer service, family care services, senior healthcare, nutrition, and memory care training.

BSLM 303 – Financial and Human Resource Management of Senior Living Facilities

Best practices for financial and human resource management will be the focus of this course. Topics will include budgeting, interpretation of financial statements, basic accounting principles, recruiting, hiring, scheduling, performance reviews, personnel laws and employee retention strategies.

BSLM 304 – Senior Living Marketing, Management and Leadership

This course will focus on how to successfully manage and grow a senior living facility. Established marketing principles will be explored along with industry-specific sales strategies. Other topics discussed will include management principles, management versus leadership, leadership styles, motivation, and leading high-performing teams.

Applicants to the Senior Living Management Certificate must have an associate’s degree OR at least 3 years of experience within the senior living industry. Applicants must:

1.       Complete an application for admission into the certificate program

2.       Pay a non-refundable application fee of $25

3.       Provide proof of eligibility by one of the following methods:

a.       Submit official transcripts

b.       Submit a current professional resume AND a signed letter from current or previous employer confirming work experience