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Elder George E. & Pearl Leffler

Elder and Mrs. Leffler spent their entire life in the Adventist ministry. Elder Leffler began his ministerial work in the Illinois Conference and served as pastor in Illinois, Iowa, Texas, and South Dakota. He was serving in Memphis, Tennessee at the time of his death in 1940.

After Elder Leffler's untimely death, Pearl Leffler moved to Keene to live where her sons, George Jr. and Jiggs, could receive an education. All five of the children of the senior Lefflers were educated at Southwestern Junior College.

The Elder George E. and Pearl Leffler Scholarship is awarded annually to a worthy ministerial candidate. This scholarship was established by Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Jiggs) Leffler, in honor of their parents and their dedication to the Lord's work.

Students Recipients 

2017-2018 -Miguel Simo

2016-2017 -Wilfredo Vanegas