Southwestern’s innovative English department is passionate about inspiring creativity, diversity and independent, critical thinking. Through decades of shared experiences, our inventive faculty combines traditional and contemporary literary works with a comprehensive writing curriculum designed to empower our students - helping them to become effective communicators throughout their academic and professional lives.

Many graduates work as teachers in secondary schools and colleges. Other graduates enter professional programs in law, medicine, and business or become qualified to work as reporters, editors, public relations personnel, librarians, copywriters, technical writers, or in administration, advertising, or retail. 

Job Outlook

English teaching opportunities in denominational schools have been more available than average for several decades. Since an English major graduate learns critical thinking and communication skills, the graduate can choose from a wide variety of fields and careers.

Earnings says, “If you want to major in English and earn a lot of money, you don’t have to figure out how to do that as a writer. Take your communication and analytical-thinking skills and apply them in other areas.” The median annual salaries in the following areas include physician (family practice, $149,790), attorney/lawyer ($75,803), proposal manager ($65,000), university professor (assistant level, $63,093), non-profit executive director ($55,200), librarian ($46,915), editor ($46,893),  and high school teacher ($44,778).

Educational Qualifications

Students planning to teach at the secondary level must complete a certification program. College teachers have no certification requirements but have completed a master’s degree and usually have begun work toward a doctorate. Most other entry-level jobs require only the B.A. in English.

Curriculum Guide. To view general education requirements for this major, please visit the catalog.


Few aptitudes are as widely admired and practical as a deep understanding and mastery of the English language. With skills applicable in all fields and professions, our graduates go on to not only teach, but to thrive in fields like business, medicine and technology where their ability to think critically and analytically helps them stand out from the crowd.

Sample Job Titles

  • Reporter
  • Editor
  • Writer
  • Public Relations Director
  • Advertising Executive
  • Physician
  • Teacher
  • Columnist
  • Author
  • Technical Writer

of recent English grads are employed or are in graduate school.

Faculty Profiles

Kristin Denslow, PhD

Assistant Professor

Renard Doneskey, PhD

Professor and Department Chair

Jayne Doneskey, MA

Assistant Professor

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