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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Honors Program?

You should join, if eligible, for at least four reasons:

  • Honors students may take 18 units per semester for the package tuition of 17 units. That can save you a lot of money over 4 years. (Note: You must be  registered for an Honors class to receive the 18th unit scholarship.)

  • Honors classes will challenge you. You want the best education you can receive.

  • Honors students go to social and cultural events, like the ballet, the theater, and musical performances at vastly discounted rates.

  • Graduating with Honors adds credibility to your graduate school applications and resumes.

Can I join the Honors Program as a transfer student?

Yes, you may. However, you must be able to complete the requirements for Honors graduation by the time of regular graduation.

Will I be able to transfer Honors courses if I transfer to another school?

Almost certainly! But each college or university will decide for itself how these units will transfer. Great Books, course, for example, could transfer as a literature course or possibly as history or philosophy.

What if my GPA drops below 3.4? Am I out of the program?

Yes, you are. You must maintain a minimum of a 3.4 GPA to enroll in Honors courses. If your GPA drops below that level, and then comes back up to 3.4 or above, you must reapply to the Honors Program before taking any Honors courses.  

Can I graduate with Honors without being in the Honors Program?

No. Only students in the Honors Program will graduate with the designation "Honors Graduate."

I have a class conflict and cannot take the Honors course I need. What do I do?

The Honors Program has flexibility built into it. You may choose any of the Honors Seminar classes, at least one of which is offered each semester. Freshmen, remember that you must complete only three of the possible five core classes (Honors 104, 204 or 205, 304, and 404). Plan ahead with your advisor and you should have few problems fitting in all your Honors courses.

Do I have to take an Honors course every semester to be considered an Honors student?

No. As long as you are making acceptable progress in the program, you are considered a member of the Honors Program. Many students will find they cannot always fit an Honors course into each semester. Remember, however, you must complete all requirements for the program by graduation.