General Studies

So you’re not sure there is a degree that quite suits you, and that’s okay! Many have interests that don’t fit a standard major program. Southwestern Adventist University’s bachelor’s degree in General or Interdisciplinary Studies gives you the option to build your program around your interests. You start with choosing one or two emphases that interest you and build from that.


Both of these programs are designed for students who:

Want to combine two or more areas of emphases to create a major that fits their skills and interests.
Have a desire to attend Southwestern Adventist University but are looking for a career that SWAU doesn’t offer a major for or that overlaps multiple existing majors.
Choose to attend SWAU but have career goals that require a general associate's or bachelor's degree rather than a specific major.
Encountered a significant hurdle in a specific major but want to complete a degree in order to secure employment as a college graduate.
Desire to apply credits earned as part of an AAS degree toward a bachelor's degree.


SWAU’s General and Interdisciplinary Studies programs provide flexible, multidisciplinary curricula that challenge students to achieve proficiency in several subjects rather than focusing on one major area of study. And here’s one of the greatest aspects of this degree: you can also earn this degree online.


Degrees and Certifications you can earn: Associate of Science, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, General Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies.


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General Studies (B.S. & A.S.) Program

Looking for a customizable degree?  Then look no further! A B.S. or A.S. in General Studies might be the perfect degree for you. This two or four-year program helps you develop the essential skills to excel in any career field.

Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A./B.S.) Program

A B.S. or B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies serves as a customizable degree that allows students to combine two areas of interest to mold their own career path in industries such as business, psychology, social science, health and human services, and fine and performing arts.