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George W. & Mary A.Winn

The story of George and Mary began more than a hundred years ago deep in Louisiana. Searching for work, George had gone to Texas to work as a farm hand. The family were Seventh-day Adventists, and George soon joined their faith. He returned to Louisiana, where he initiated the colporteur work in that state, selling books farm to farm.

One day he came to Mary's farm. The eldest of several children orphaned at a very young age, Mary was determined to keep the family together. As a teenage girl she managed the farm.

George was impressed with this young woman's sheer determination and hard work. In the tradition of that time, he showed his interest by asking to correspond with her. She consented, and in the late 1880's they were married.

George continued to colporteur. Going to a district with several men, setting up camp, visiting all the farms in the area, he would then move to the next camp. Mary, who wanted to be with George, moved from camp to camp, cooking for the men.

In 1897 the Winn’s moved to Texas seeking opportunity for Christian education for their six children. They farmed, and during cotton season the entire family traveled from field to field picking cotton and sleeping in tents. They added two more children to their family, and through incredibly hard work and determination, all eight were able to attend school. The children never forgot those old days in Keene and the work of their parents.

In 1970, daughter Ella Winn Hart, created this scholarship in honor of her parents who had personally given so much because they believed in Christian education.

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Taylor Pool

2018-2019 -Elizabeth Santos

2016-2017 -Myrhawell Inocencio