If you have a passion for healthy living and physical activity, why not promote public wellness and physical education by training to be a coach, teacher, personal trainer, health facility manager, or recreation director.  Or you can prepare for graduate study in physical or occupational therapy, exercise physiology, or sports medicine.  Small class sizes mean lots of hands-on, active learning with professors who take a personal interest in their students’ well being and success.  

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Department of Kinesiology


A degree from the Kinesiology department prepares you for work in a hospital, school, fitness center, or gymnasium.  It also serves as preparation for graduate education in physical or occupational therapy, exercise physiology, or sports medicine.  Additional certifications offered in connection with degrees in the Kinesiology department increase employment opportunities.


  • Physical Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Recreational Director
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Fitness Specialist

Expected employment growth of physical therapists 2010 to 2020

Required Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
 KINA 112 or KINA 2121
 KINA 115 or KINA 2151
KINA 116Fitness Walking1
 KINA 233 or KINA 2341
KINT 110Fundamentals of Kinesiology 3
KINT 216 Nutrition 3
KINT 241Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
KINT 252ACSM Certified Personal Trainer3
KINT 260First Aid, CPR, and First Responder Training2
KINT 280Internship3-6
 Sub-Total Credits21


Required Cognate  
Item #Title Credits
BIOL 101Anatomy & Physiology 14
 Sub-Total Credits4


Faculty Profiles

Vesa Naukkarinen, MS

Associate Professor

Chad Hutchinson, MS

Assistant Professor

Paulino Santos-Andino, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor and Department Chair