In order to be eligible, you must meet one or more of the following criteria:

High school GPA of 3.5
(or 3.4 college transfer GPA)
ACT of 24
SAT composite score of 1130 in critical reading and math

Honors students must maintain a minimum university GPA of 3.4 to remain eligible for the Honors Program. Honor students choose at least three Honors courses over their time at Southwestern in fulfillment of parts of the General Education requirements.

Choose from the following:

HNRS 104 Human Communication
(fulfills communication competency requirement)
HNRS 204 Advanced American History 1866- Present
(partially fulfills history requirement)
HNRS 208 Advanced World Civilizations, early times to the 16th Century
(partially fulfills history requirement)
HNRS 345 Environmental Studies
(fulfills life science requirement)
HNRS 375 Honors Study Tour
(varies from year to year, previous options have fulfilled requirements for literature, religion, history or fine arts)
HNRS 404 Science & Belief
(partially fulfills religion general education requirement, alternatively can be taken in place of BIOL 419 for Biological Sciences majors only)

The following courses are required for all Honors students:

HNRS 200 Honors Perspective
(taken fall semester of freshman or sophomore year)
HNRS 301 Thesis Proposal Seminar
(taken spring semester of junior year)
HNRS 400 Senior Seminar
(taken fall semester of senior year)
HNRS 401 Senior Thesis
(taken spring semester of senior year)

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