Honors Program Study Tours & Service Opportunities

Not only does the Honors Program strengthen your mental skills, help you integrate your faith with your academics, and offer you opportunities to serve the local community, but it also allow you the opportunity to join yearly study tours and participate in service projects to enhance your university experience.


Whether you’re a new or transfer student, the Southwestern Adventist University Honors Program is perfect for you!

Service Opportunities

Honors students have partnered with the following Johnson County organizations to participate in service projects:

A New Life Bible School (Keene, Texas)

Adventist Community Services (Keene, Texas)

Children’s Advocacy Center of Johnson County (Cleburne, Texas)

Cleburne Animal Shelter (Cleburne, Texas)

Cleburne Public Library (Cleburne, Texas)

Keene Public Middle School (Keene, Texas)

Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties

Model Me Mentoring Program (Keene, Texas)

Layland Museum (Cleburne, Texas)

Operation Blessing (Cleburne, Texas)

Town Hall Estates (Keene, Texas)

Past Study Tours

  • German Identity: Imperial Dream, National Nightmare: Participating students visited Berlin, Wittenberg, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, and Munich, Germany.
  • American & British Writers in Italy
: Students were able to explore the ancient cities of Rome, Florence, Ravenna, and Venice, Italy.
  • Music and Culture of the American South: Closer to home, students explored the southern cities of Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, and Indianola.
  • American Writers in Paris: The courses included visiting Paris, Giverny, Versailles, Bayeux, Mont St. Michel, and the Normandy beaches.
The group of students from the Honors class smile as they group together in front of the Versailles Palace.