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Ishak Hanna Kafrouni Memorial Scholarship

Ishak Hanna Kafrouni was born in Homs, Syria, the youngest of ten brothers and sisters. He graduated from the American University in Beirut, Lebanon with a Bachelor’s degree, at the young age of 19. He then immigrated to Cairo, Egypt to seek his fortune. He found it in Victorine Zaidan, whom he married shortly afterwards.

Ishak Kafrouni worked in the Egyptian government in Giza for approximately 45 years. He was Director of the Art and Printing department during King Farouk’s reign and Gamal Abdel Nasser’s presidency. In order to provide a good sound education for his children, he moved the family to Heliopolis, in close proximity to private schools. That meant a one way commute for him of over an hour by metro and bus transportation to his office daily, six days a week. He sacrificed much time and effort to provide his children with the best education. As a result, two became nurses; two became teachers, and one a surgeon. It is easy for them to relate to a loving Heavenly Father when they were blessed with such an exceptionally caring earthly father.

Following an evangelistic meeting in Cairo, Egypt, Ishak Kafrouni was converted to the Seventh-Day Adventist faith and was baptized by Neal C. Wilson in the Heliopolis church. He then took a giant step of faith and resigned from his high position government job, which only gave him Fridays off, not knowing what to  do next job-wise to support the family. But his chief, after finding the reason for his sudden resignation, granted him both Friday and Saturday off every week. That was a miracle in answer to the church family’s fervent prayers.

It was his custom to take the Bible and Ellen G. White’s books and head over to a quiet room saying with a grin, “I am going to school now.” They knew not to disturb him. He would often spend two to four hours studying God’s Word.

Ishak Kafrouni loved to witness and share the knowledge he acquired from his many hours of study with friends and anyone else who would listen. He praised God often for the great things He had done for him and His family. His enthusiastic witnessing led others to the truth and brought great joy to his own heart. It is for this reason that his daughter, Laurice Kafrouni Durrant, has established the Ishak Hanna Kafrouni Scholarship, designating it for a ministerial student who is dedicated to witnessing for our soon coming Savior.