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Joseph & Dina Espinosa

When Joseph Espinosa was a boy people told his parents that there was "no hope - he would never amount to anything because he was so wayward." But God had bigger plans for Joseph.

It was at Southwestern Junior College that Joseph first encountered Adventist young people. They made a positive impact on him and helped him in his decision to be baptized before leaving to serve in World War II.

At one point during his service as a medical cadet he was scheduled to take a flight from England to Iceland. When he arrived at the airport he was told that his name was not on the list. He tried to fix the problem and make new arrangements but the airline wouldn't give him a seat. The next day he discovered that the flight he had originally tried to take had crashed in the Atlantic Ocean and no survivors had been found. He knew that his life had been saved and he decided then and there to commit his life to doing the Lord's work.

While in seminary in Washington D.C., Joseph met a beautiful nurse named Dina. They married in 1951 and Joseph says after 56 years of marriage they are "still sweethearts."

Joseph and Dina dedicated their lives to God and have faithfully served Him — as pastor and nurse, evangelists and philanthropists. In 2000 they became members of the Mizpah Society at Southwestern and in 2006 they established a scholarship for worthy students. The Joseph and Dina Espinosa Scholarship is awarded to students based on financial need and academic achievement.

Students Recipients 

2019-2020 -Zoya Thompson

2018-2019 -Leslie Sanchez-Alanis

2016-2017 -Ridge Tull