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Knowledge, Faith, Service

Southwestern Adventist University is known for our friendly campus, commitment to academic excellence, and spiritual atmosphere. Building on that legacy and our mission, vision, and values, the strategic plan propels Southwestern Adventist University forward under the banner of our tagline: Knowledge, Faith, Service. 


Southwestern Adventist University commits to educating a diverse student body in a Christ-centered environment shaped by Seventh-day Adventist Christian beliefs for service and leadership.


Believing in the transformative power of the Gospel and affirming the importance of the life of the mind, Southwestern Adventist University seeks to promote inquiry through faith, to balance tradition with innovation, and to become a force for positive and significant change in global society.


  • Christ as our central focus.
  • Education that promotes achievement and enriches life.
  • Interaction that affirms faith, integrity, and humanity.
  • Responsibility for ourselves, our neighbors, and our world. 
  • Service as a ministry for Christ.
  • Integration of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs and practice into daily life.


Knowledge, Faith, Service

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan represents the work of an 18-member Strategic Planning Committee, convening over the course of a year, with the purpose of examining the institution’s mission, vision, values, and tagline and charting a five-year trajectory for the University through strategic goals and recommendations. The plan was implemented in the 2014-2015 academic year with the approval and support of the Board of Trustees, the Office of the President, and the students, faculty, and staff of Southwestern Adventist University.