If your major is outside the Department of Mathematics and Physical Science but you’re interested in learning the important fundamentals of chemistry or mathematics, then maybe a minor in this field will benefit you in your chosen career path. We offer minors in mathematics or chemistry.


Minor in Chemistry
By adding a minor in chemistry, you will have an understanding of scientific and technical knowledge within the scientific world. This knowledge and understanding can help you pursue careers in mathematics, science, education or kinesiology.


Minor in Mathematics
A minor in mathematics will give you a basic understanding in math for a variety of industries. Since mathematics is widely used for many careers, this will be a truly beneficial minor to add to any degree.


Minor in Mathematics with Secondary Teaching Certification
If you’re looking to use your mathematics knowledge to teach, a minor in mathematics with a secondary teaching certification will open the door to teaching the next generation about the value of mathematics. This minor is a good complementary degree for students who like mathematics and want to teach in secondary schools, but want a primary degree in another field. In addition to education jobs available for their primary degree, students with this minor will have a wider range of job opportunities.


Adding a minor in mathematics, chemistry, or mathematics with a secondary teaching certification can benefit your chosen career in ways you may not have expected. With any of these minors, the knowledge you gain from our department will benefit you in a variety of industries such as mathematics, science, education, kinesiology, chemistry, nursing, business or computer science.


  • Dentist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Teacher
  • Computer Programmer
  • Lawyer
  • Actuary
  • Architect 

Median annual wage of a dentist in May 2019

Required Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
MATH 181Calculus 14
MATH 182Calculus 24
MATH 283Calculus 34
 Mathematics Hours Upper Division Electives6
 Sub-Total Credits 18


Faculty Profiles

Jonathan Duarte, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Associate Professor

Ryan Loga, PhD

Mathematics & Physical Science
Assistant Professor

Nicholas Madhiri, PhD

Professor and Department Chair

Gerald Springer, PhD