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CASA’s mission is to provide academic, social, and career advising primarily to undeclared majors, as well as students switching between academic programs. The center is available to all students, providing guidance with life skills, selecting a major course of study, class registration, and developing educational and career goals and plans.

We offer a broad range of academic coaching services to students having a hard time in their classes, and provide specialty workshops throughout the academic year for students who want to improve test taking abilities, manage life’s challenges, or develop strategies to cope with stress-related anxiety.

CASA’s staff partners with campus administrators, other staff, and faculty to make sure all students are equipped with the necessary academic skills, social support, social aptitude, and critical program information they need to become successful as they work toward their degree and their career of choice.


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CASA helps each student find success by


  • Working with students to clarify and decode their strengths, interests, and values, enabling them to chart a realistic path to success.

  • Actively listening to students’ issues, concerns, problems, questions, and providing guidance based on what works for them.

  • Assisting students in developing their coping sensibilities, problem-solving skills, and decision-making approach to meet their goals.

  • Providing clear, accurate, and consistent information regarding the University’s policies, procedures, regulations and resources.

  • Helping students develop an education plan consistent with their career aspirations or chosen vocation, and monitoring their progress toward fulfilling their plan.

  • Encouraging and motivating students to excel beyond their self-imposed limitations by allowing them to see the endless possibilities ahead.

What’s Your Purple Score? 

The Purple Briefcase System provides a private social media platform for networking and video education content and many other tools that are aimed at helping students find internships and enter their career field. This product is free to all Southwestern Adventist University students and alumni.

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Academic Coaching Schedule 

CASA, Hagen Hall Room 100

6:00pm to 10:00 pm

Monday thru Thursday, all subjects


Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10:00am-12:00pm

Contact 817-202-6320 or for assistance.

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Faculty Profile

Renata Ocampo, MS ED

Academic Administration
Director of Academic Support & Advising