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An opportunity to leave a legacy for alumni children, grandchildren, and great-granchildren. 

2,000 alumni, committed to $20 p/month for 36 months creates a $1.4 million endowment, and thousands in scholarships every year.


The Southwestern Legacy

“My parents, uncle, and brother all graduated from Southwestern Adventist University.  My parents told me I could attend anywhere but they all secretly wanted me here. They had such wonderful experiences - I grew up on the stories. When it came time to make my decision, I knew this was the place for me too. I visited several other schools but I instantly felt at home at Southwestern. I love my classes, I received scholarships for my grades and leadership, and I work to help pay my bill. But the best thing about Southwestern is just the people. It’s home.”

-Arielle Powell, freshman education major



Help build the Alumni Legacy Endowment to support students like Arielle! 

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gift donations university impact 100 projects support