Religion General Education Requirement

Total Credits: 12

Courses in biblical studies will introduce the student to practical methods of Bible study, critical evaluation of scholarship and interpretation, and the richness and depth of the biblical text. Courses in theology will engage the student in a systematic approach to biblical matters, will have students explore different perspectives and relevant issues, and guide students to formulate personal viewpoints and positions. Courses in historical studies trace the origin and development of the Bible, Christianity, Seventh-day Adventism, and other religions.

Select four courses: 12 credit hours

A maximum of 2 courses can be taken in any one area. One course must be numbered 300 and above. Transfer students from a non-SDA college must complete one course for each academic year in attendance, with a minimum of 2 courses (one in Biblical Studies).

Item #Title Credits
RELB 211Life and Teachings of Jesus3
RELB 322Daniel3
RELB 323Revelation3
RELB 328Survey of the Old Testament3
RELB 335Introduction to the New Testament3
RELT 101Christian Beliefs3
RELT 212Introduction to Christian Ethics3
RELT 325World Religions3
RELT 327Integrated Wellness Connections3
RELT 360Philosophy and the Christian Worldview3
RELT 410Biblical Conflict Resolution3
RELT 419Philosophy of Science3
RELH 230History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church3
RELH 233Biblical Archaeology3
RELH 314Origin & Development of the Bible3
RELH 320Ellen White Writings3
 RELH 331 or RELH 332 3