Nurses participate in assisting with health promotion, disease prevention, care provision to those who are coping with illness. Nurses also provide management and leadership in a wide range of settings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nursing (RN) is one of the top occupations with increasing growth and demand.

Job Outlook
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Registered Nursing (RN) among the top occupations for job growth. By 2024, RN job availability nationwide is projected to be greater than 1 million ( The Texas Department of State Health Service predicts a 54% increase in the demand for registered nurses by 2030.

Job Market Earnings
The average salary for Registered Nurses is $73,550 - The range is $48,690 - $104,100. (

Educational Qualifications
Certifications in many specialty areas are available to BSNs in the areas such as Critical Care, Emergency, Maternal/Child nursing and more. A master's degree in nursing is required to teach nursing, while a doctoral degree is preferred. Advance Practice nurses are required to have a master's or doctoral degree. 

Curriculum Guide. To view general education requirements for this major, please visit the catalog.


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A degree in nursing opens the door to one of the fastest growing and most-in-demand career fields.  Research supports the increase in quality outcomes when nurses have a bachelor's degree (BSN) and many hospitals are hiring with a goal of all BSN nurses.  Many of Southwestern’s graduates work in specialty areas, leadership and management positions, nursing education, or specialty areas. Many others have completed graduate programs and become nurse practitioners, midwives, or nurse anesthetists. BSN graduates have greater opportunities for career advancement and expanded access to over 100 specialty nursing roles.


  • Staff Nurse
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Educator
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Flight Nurse
  • Mental Health Clinician
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Case Manager
  • Nursing Director
  • Operating Room Nurse

>1 million

RN job openings nationwide
expected by 2024

Major Requirements  
Item #TitleCredits
NURS 212Physical Assessment3
NURS 221Fundamentals of Nursing6
NURS 226Gerontological Nursing3
NURS 313Pathophysiology 3
NURS 315Medical-Surgical Nursing 15
NURS 317Pharmacology3
NURS 318Child Health Nursing4
NURS 321Evidence-Based Practice 3
NURS 335Medical-Surgical Nursing 25
NURS 416Medical-Surgical Nursing 34
NURS 417Mental Health Nursing4
NURS 418Materna-Newborn Nursing4
NURS 420Medical-Surgical Nursing 42
NURS 424Population Health4
NURS 425Clinical Nursing Specialty2
NURS 426Nursing Leadership3
NURS 439Nursing Capstone2
 Sub-Total Credits60
Required Cognate Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
BIOL 101Anatomy & Physiology 14
BIOL 102Anatomy & Physiology 24
BIOL 220Microbiology and Immunology4
CHEM 105Survey of Chemistry4
KINT 216Nutrition3
MATH 141Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
PSYC 212General Psychology3
PSYC 220Human Growth and Development3
SOCI 111Introduction to Sociology3
 Sub-Total Credits31


General Education Requirements  
Item #TitleCredits
UNIV 111Wellness for Life2
ENGL 121Freshman Composition3
ENGL 220Research Writing3
 Literature Gen. Ed. Requirement3
 Fine Arts Gen. Ed. Requirement3
 History Gen. Ed. Requirement3
 Kinesiology Gen. Ed. Requirement2
 Religion Gen. Ed. Requirement12
 Sub-Total Credits34



Faculty Profiles

Kerrie Kimbrow, DNP, MS

Nursing Department
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Nursing

Ron Mitchell, PhD, MS

Nursing Department

Jean Alway, MSN, CNE

Nursing Department
Associate Professor

Terri Gibson, DNP, MSN

Nursing Department
Associate Professor

Rima Seaman, Ed.D, MSN, RN

Nursing Department
Associate Professor

Lakicia Foster, MPH

Nursing Department
Assistant Professor

Marcia Azevedo, MSN

Nursing Department
Assistant Professor

Candy Harvey, MBA

Nursing Department
Office Manager/Clinical Coordinator

Joyce Melius, RN

Nursing Department
Assistant Professor