SWAU Online Tuition & Fees


SWAUonline Tuition & Fees


 $476.00* per credit hour

*dual enrollment on-campus and online does not qualify for this rate

RN to BS Program Tuition and Fees

     Tuition for entire program - $7,500   $250 per credit hour

     Clinical nursing course fee - $300.00


 Non – Degree Seeking

$739.00 per credit hour


      $739.00 per credit hour

 Certificate in Church Ministries

$2000 program cost or

$400 per class

 Post Graduate U.S. History Certificate 18 credit hours

$3,000.00 program cost or

$500.00 per class

 Tuition Reimbursement Programs


Other charges/fees

Program Fees

Education & Psychology program fee - $50 per semester

After completion of 60 credits and acceptance into the program


Book Options

Online students can purchase, or rent, their books at the online campus bookstore. The Book Rental program of $325 per semester does not apply for the RN to BS Nursing students.


Technology Fee $220.00 or pro-rated at $55.00 per course

Graduation fee $225

The graduation fee covers the class gift, cap and gown, diploma and 25 graduation announcements and is applied at the beginning of the semester you will graduate.

Examination and Prior Learning Assessment Fees

Challenge, waiver, and validation preparation fee - $85

CLEP recording fee - $25 

Michigan Test of English Proficiency - $25 

Returned check fee $35.00

Experiential Learning Credit Fee

$100 per credit for validation and recording. Credits awarded may not exceed 25% of the total number of credits required for the specific degree or certificate. Students enrolled in the RN to BS program are allowed 6 credits. Graduation, residency, degree or certificate program requirements will not be waived as a result of credits earned through ELC.

 Need more information? 
Stephanie Campos, Financial Aid Counselor
 Phone: 817-202-6606

Jerry Potter, Associate Student Accounts Director 
; Phone: 817-202-6251 

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