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Orville Lee & Laura Judge Hayes

A Southwestern Adventist University trustee from 1983 to 1996, Orville Lee Hayes was born in Cass County, Texas. His father was a commercial builder in Jefferson. Laura Judge was born in Dallas, and was a member of Southwestern's class of 1943. Her mother, Ruth, was the cafeteria director at the college in the 1940's.

The Hayes were married in Dallas, and had one daughter, Dianna Hume, also an alumna of Southwestern Adventist University.

Mr. Hayes was board chairman at Jefferson Adventist Academy for 30 years. The Hayes owned and operated a builders supply in Jefferson and were involved in banking and oil investment. Mrs. Hayes spent 40 years helping young people get an education. She was also active as a volunteer in her home church, raising money, food and clothing for the poor in East Texas. Mr. Hayes passed away in 1996; Mrs. Hayes, in 1999.

The Orville Lee and Laura Judge Hayes Scholarship recipient is chosen among students from East Texas.

Students Recipients 

2016-2017 -Marty Dixon