Arthur Schwarz

Arthur Schwarz, PhD

Arthur Schwarz

Department of Biological Sciences
Professor and Department Chair

Ph.D. Plant Ecology. University of Saskatchewan. 1988.

M.S. Biology. Walla Walla University, Washington, USA. 1984.

B.S. Biology. Walla Walla University, Washington, USA. 1978.

Schwarz, A.  2012. Toward a Seventh-day Adventist Model for Relating Science and Scripture with Special Reference to Origins.  Christ in the Classroom 38: 309-325.  Inst. for Christian Teaching, Silver Spring, MD

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Alberta Native Plant Council.  2001.  A Guide to the Rare Vascular Plants of Alberta.  L. Kershaw, J.

Gould, D. Johnson and J. Lancaster, eds. University of Alberta Press.  (A. Schwarz contributed research and text for 21 rare grasses.)

Hogg, E.H. and Schwarz, A.G. 1999. Tree-ring analysis of declining aspen stands in west-central Saskatchewan.  Canadian Forest Service, Information Report NOR-X-359, Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, Canada.

Schwarz, A.G., R.W. Wein and P.A. Thomas.  1997.  Fire and threatened dry grassland remnants of the boreal forest – climate change hypotheses.  In Proceedings of the First Conference on Fire Effects on Rare and Endangered Species and Habitats, J.M. Greenlee (ed.), pages 307 – 310, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho.  International Association of Wildland Fire.

Schwarz, A.G. and R.W. Wein.  1997.  Threatened dry grasslands in the continental boreal forest of Wood Buffalo National Park.  Can J. Bot. 75: 1363-1370.

Hogg, E.H. and A.G. Schwarz. 1997.  Regeneration of planted conifers across climatic moisture gradients on the Canadian prairies: implications for distribution and climate change.  J. Biogeography 24: 527-534.

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