Elizabeth Bowser

Elizabeth Bowser, MA

Department of History & Social Science
Assistant Professor
(817) 202-6261
16 years

Ph.D. History (Medieval Europe), University of Minnesota, (forthcoming) 

M.A. History (Early Modern Europe), University of California, 2000; Dean’s Fellow 

B.A. History and B.A. French, Pacific Union College, 1994; Magna Cum Laude and With Honors

Studied one year in France with ACA at Collonges-sous-Saleve 

Student missionary one year in Pusan, South Korea 

Studied one year in England at Newbold College

Phi Alpha Theta

Dean's Fellow (UCR, MA program)
Magna Cum Laude and With Honors (PUC, BA program)

Dr. Elizabeth Bowser loves humor and music, especially when the two are combined.  When she has time, she enjoys playing table games with friends and family.  She has lived in four countries, visited four continents and speaks two and two-thirds languages. Between degree programs, she taught junior academy and academy for several years. She's been married to her favorite person, who also works at SWAU, for over fourteen years, and they have one young son.

Study Overseas Program: Adventist Colleges Abroad 

History/Social Science and Pre-Law