Ingo Sorke, PhD

Ingo Sorke

18 years

Ph.D. New Testament Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2009

Ingo Sorke, Ph.D. frequently peer-reviews articles for Ministry Magazine, and hopes to write his own textbooks one day. He is also Head Elder of a new church plant in Cleburne: Country Life Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor Ingo Sorke, Ph.D., has crossed from Palestinian territories into Israel without a passport. "Do not try this at home," Ingo suggests. He has also been detained by communist authorities in East Germany. 

His favorite foods are fruit and granola. He wears blue shirts more than any other color, likes to spend time in nature and travel, and learn foreign languages. "I'm pretty much the same person both in and outside the classroom," says Ingo. He has one wife, and 2 teenage boys who will soon be in college.