Joaquim Azevedo, PhD

Joaquim Azevedo

Associate Professor/Department Chair
7 years

Ph.D. Old Testament, Andrews University, 1999

M.A. Biblical Languages, Andrews University, 1994

Minor in Archeology, Andrews University, 1994

B.A. Religion, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1998

2016 Forthcoming publication by the Publishing House Safeliz, Spain, a Bible Encyclopedia, the entries are: Yattir, Yavneh, Selah, Ur, Tel Harasim; Tel Qasile; Tel Rosh HaNiqra; Samaria Ostraca; Origin of the Alphabet; Acco (Ancient Ptolemais). 

2015 “4QDeutj,” a chapter in, Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Merlin Alomia Bartra, Peruvian Union University.  

2014 “At the Door of Paradise: A Contextual Interpretation of Gen 4:7,” chapter in Cult and Cosmos: Tilting toward a Temple-Centered Theology, L. Michael Morales, editor, Leuven: Peeters, 2014. Ps. 167-181. 

2013 A Simplified Coptic Dictionary (Sahidic Dialect), 2nd Edition, Peruvian Union University, Lima. Coptic-English. Distributed by Eisenbrauns. 

2009-presentA Bible Commentary on the Book of 1 Chronicles, in Seventh-Day Adventist International Bible Commentary. In progress, Pacific Press and Andrews University to be published in 2017. 

2010 Léxico Analítico do Grego do Novo Testamento, CePLiB, Bahia, Brazil. Greek-Portuguese. 

2001 A Simplified Coptic Dictionary (Sahidic Dialect), 1st Edition, CePLiB, Bahia, Brazil, in Coptic-English, distributed by Eisenbrauns. 

Academic Affairs Committee, Southwestern Adventist University, 2016-Present

QEP Committee, Southwestern Adventist University, 2015-Present

Graduate Studies Committee Board, Peruvian Union University, 2010-2013

Old Testament Associate Professor, Southwestern Adventist University, 2014-Present

Assistant Professor, Southwestern Adventist University, 2013-2014 

Old Testament Professor, Peruvian Union University, Lima, Peru, 2010-2013

Old Testament Professor, North East Brazil College, Bahia, Brazil, 2007-2009

Old Testament Professor, North East Brazil College, Bahia, Brazil, 2000-2001

Pastor, Sao Paulo City, Brazil, 1989-1991

Counselor, Keene Rocketeers Pathfinder club, 2015-Present

Sabbath School Teacher, Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church, 2014-Present

Preacher and Lecturer, Seventh-day Adventist churches in DFW area, 2014-Present

Research Director, Theology Department, Peruvian Union University, 2010-2013

Advisor for various master and doctoral thesis and dissertations for various Seventh-day Adventist Universities in South America, 2000-2014

Coordinator, Masters Program, Northeast Brazil College, 2000-2001

Founder and editor of the academic journal Hermenêutica, published at the Northeast Brazil College, Bahia, Brazil, 2001

Founder of the Research Center for Biblical Literature (CePLib) located at the Northeast Brazil College, Bahia, Brazil, 2000

Founder of the CePLiB Press at the Northeast Brazil College, 2000

Joaquim Azevedo, Ph.D., and his family live on a farm and raise Jersey calves, the American Nubian milking goat, and a rare breed of sheep called the American Tunis. Their animals are all registered and purebred, including a very intelligent and hard working border collie shepherd. Joaquim finds working on the farm with his five children very rewarding and relaxing.

Joaquim is color blind. He recognizes the color yellow best, although he doesn't see it at night. His favorite types of food include any kind of fruit, nut, and whole bread sandwich. His wife, an OB nurse, likes to bake whole wheat bread for Friday evening worship. Of his five children, two attend Southwestern: one is a music major and a violin teacher, the other is in the fire science program. His other three children are in homeschool education. All play musical instruments. Joaquim received a banjo for Christmas and is learning to play “Foggy Mountain Top Breakdown.”