Kristin Denslow

Kristin Denslow, PhD

Kristin Denslow

Department of English
Associate Professor
4 years

English Literature

Ph.D. English, University of Florida

M.A. English, Western Michigan University

B.A. English, Andrews University

“Layers of Intermediality and Visual References in Laurence Olivier’s Henry V.” Shakespeare Association of America Conference. 2016.

“‘Clearly it’s nothing alarming…It’s only Shakespeare’: Conjuring the Shakespeare Specter in Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not To Be.” Shakespeare Bulletin 33.3 (2015): 421-39.

“Hamlet’s Ghost Meme: Accidental Shakespeare, Repetition Compulsion, and Roofie Circles.” A State of Arrested Development: Critical Essays on the Innovative Television Comedy. Ed. Kristin Michael Barton. McFarland, 2015.

“Tracking Scholarship on ‘Canonical’ Film Hamlets” for “Using Data in Shakespeare Studies” workshop. Shakespeare Association of America Conference. 2015.

“Social Media Shakespeare: Experimenting with Shakespearean Adaptation in the Composition Classroom.” Adventist English Association. 2013.

Kristin is an avid vegetable gardener, a decent cook, and a lover of many cuisines. She moved to Texas recently and has deeply enjoyed exploring Fort Worth with her husband and daughter.