Miguel Espinosa

Miguel Espinosa, MS

Department of Computer Science
Assistant Professor
(817) 202-6289

M.A. Computer Science Multimedia and Software Engineering, Montemorelos University, México, 2010

M.A. Education, emphasis General Science, Southwestern Adventist University, 2003

B.S. Computer Systems, Montemorelos University, 1995

Coordinator, Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), Keene Junior High School,  2003-2004

Landscape Production Crew  Leader, American Forestry, Bay Spring, Mississippi, 2000-2001

Computer Technology Manager and Computer Science Teacher, Valley Grande Academy, 1995-2000

President of SECOSUR , Chiapas, México, 1993-1995

Sales Representative and Computer Technician SERVICUM , Montemorelos, NL México Chiapas, México, 1991-1993

Bible Instructor, Montemorelos University Montemorelos, 1989-1991

Miguel Espinoza is a firm believer in the Twenty-eight Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He knows that God led him to a computer science career, as well as to a teaching career. It’s Miguel’s goal to provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to expand personal horizons and find success. Whenever the opportunity permits, Miguel also loves to share his beliefs with students through class devotionals, prayer, and counseling. 

In order for students to become active participants in their education, Miguel implements a two-way classroom experience. He also assigns team projects and challenges students with problem-solving programming projects. Miguel believes that true learning takes place when students apply principles learned in solving complex problems.

Miguel is married to Abigail Espinosa. Together, they have two daughters: Kairin Abigail  and Jasmin Michalle. He likes to play soccer and cook Chinese, Indian, or Mexican food.