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SA Officers

Samson Sembeba

Student Association President

Major: Junior Theology 

Goal: My goal as Student Association President is to create among us, the student body, a family atmosphere. I hope to, through that atmosphere, to help develop a place were we can grow academically, socially, and spiritually. 

Interesting fact: Sometimes people call me Donte.

Brianna LeBlanc

Student Association Executive Vice President

Major: Senior Communication 

Goal: My goal as the Executive Vice President will be to ensure that information and resources are readily and easily available to every student whatever the situation. I will strive to make sure that every student feels that their concerns are listened to and taken seriously by taking immediate action when I can, as soon as I can. I want to help the student body achieve their ideas for campus improvements.

Interesting fact: I have a twin sister.

SA Officers

SA Officers

Adetola Oludolapo Buraimoh

Secretary to the President

Major: Junior Computer Science/ Religion 

Goal: I am here to help those elected show what the love of Christ is. I am here to support both SA and the student body as we grow together and grow closer to Christ. 

Interesting fact: Everything about me is interesting... 

Ridge Tull

Parliamentarian to the Executive Vice President

Major: Junior Biology

Goal: My goal is to help create the feeling that students have a place where they can voice any issues that they may be having. My personal goal is to be as approachable as possible, so that people have confidence in me that I will listen sincerely to their concerns, and that they are being taken seriously. I also want to keep the student body informed and to fight for their voices and concerns. 

Fun fact: I love trying and using different accents. 

SA Officers

SA Officers

Ruber Raul Alvarez Matos

Financial Vice President

Major: Sophomore Theology 

Goal: I want to make more things with less money. I want to manage money the right way so that my team can have good activities.

Interesting fact: A Cuban guy living in Kansas.

Donte’ Brooks

Student Association Social Vice President

Major: Junior Theology

Goal: My goal as the Social VP is to simply bring people together. As college students we often times get weighed down by assignments, task, or work obligations, while forgetting that college years should be an exciting time for us. As Social Vice President I want to aid the college experience by offering opportunities to wind down from the stress of the week, mingle with fellow classmates, as well as enjoying life on campus. 

Interesting Fact: I prefer hugs over handshakes.

SA Officers

SA Officers

Tanya Soria

Public Relations Director

Major: Senior Communication 

Goal: My goal as Public Relations Director is not only to promote and advertise SA events in fun ways, but also to create a bridge between the SA and the student body by informing them of SA and of clubs' news. 

Interesting fact: I'm 5 ft 1 inch of toughness.

Angela Delgado

Status Editor

Major: Junior Elementary Education 

Goal: My goal this year is to have everyone stay involved and informed through the magazine. I also want everyone to grow socially and, most of all, spiritually. I want people to be excited to read "Status" and look forward to future issues and Editors. I believe it's going to be a great year! 

Interesting Fact: I was once in a foreign country and I got stuck in an elevator. There was a broom stuck in the shaft and the elevator dropped a few floors.  Also I've never been to any Disney theme parks. 

SA Officers

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Gicele Alexandra Fuentes "Gi"

Mizpah Editor

Major: Sophmore Communication - PR & Advertising

Goal: As Mizpah Editor my goal is to deliver a high quality memory-inducing book that will preserve your 2017 - 2018 moments. I want to deliver something you will enjoy looking back upon, in which you can proudly say, this was my year at Southwestern Adventist University. 

Fun Fact: I like to smell books. 

Joshua Aguilar

SA Officers