A Small School with Big Experiences

A Small School with Big Experiences

Ashley Lopez & Remington Hill

Humans of SWAU: Ashley Lopez
A Small School with Big Experiences 

Ashley Lopez is a junior Mathematics & Secondary Education major at Southwestern Adventist University. As a transfer student, she has been blessed by the inviting atmosphere and personalized care that she receives as a member of the Southwestern Adventist University family.

    Growing up in Dallas, Texas, everyone around me talked about Southwestern Adventist University. However, just like almost every other classmate in my senior class at North Dallas Adventist Academy, I wanted to venture out of Texas to attend college out of state. I moved to Nebraska and enrolled in college. I soon learned that God had different plans for my life.  After copious amounts of prayer, I found myself switching majors and schools. I moved from the snowy lands of the Midwest back to the sunny skies of the Southwest. Southwestern Adventist University is my new home and while it is a smaller school, it is filled with big experiences!  

    God knew that this new start wasn’t going to be easy, but He was with me. I am blessed to be here. When I moved and made the switch from pre-med to Mathematics & Secondary Education, I thought it would be difficult to make this adjustment. Fortunately, my advisors made the process easy and have supported me every step of the way. Here at SWAU, we are personally connected with our professors. They take the time to talk one-on-one with us in order to ensure that we not only succeed in our classes but are also prepared for competitive careers in the real world. During this pandemic, where I am learning from home, my professors have quickly adjusted and have been very helpful in making my transition to online classes easy.

    I am highly involved in campus life and have made countless memories and lifelong friendships. SWAU’s Student Association plans many events that give my friends and me opportunities to be involved at the school and in our community. They host exciting events that are a blast to be a part of and that are helping me create lifetime memories. I have enjoyed events such as mud volleyball, trips to theme parks and the zoo, boba nights, and so much more. Even during this pandemic, our SA team has managed to find ways to keep us virtually connected with each other.

    Beyond friends and fun, the opportunity I have had to strengthen my relationship with God has been a blessing. The spiritual atmosphere surrounding the campus is astounding. At many schools, students like to leave for the weekend, but here at Southwestern Adventist University, we love to spend our weekends here on campus, worshiping together as one big family.  
    From the moment I stepped on campus, I knew I had found the place I had been seeking. I had found my new family. Incoming students might think bigger is better when it comes to college. However, I encourage potential students to choose Southwestern Adventist University where the experience is as big as Texas and where we are supported and empowered to reach our dreams and goals. I am proud to be a part of the Southwestern Adventist University family.

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