If you have a passion for healthy living and physical activity, why not promote public wellness and physical education by training to be a coach, teacher, personal trainer, health facility manager, or recreation director.  Or you can prepare for graduate study in physical or occupational therapy, exercise physiology, or sports medicine.  Small class sizes mean lots of hands-on, active learning with professors who take a personal interest in their students’ well being and success.  


Sports and Fitness Management major is for students interested in running a health club or managing a sports team. 

Job Outlook
A continued interest in sports and recreation and a growth in the overall population are expected to increase the need for sports and fitness management professionals.

Salary varies greatly by location and employer.

Educational Qualifications
Many sports and fitness managers have to start with an internship with the organization and work their way up to managing. Often experience within the sport is a big help, as many former athletes go on to manage after their playing days are through. There are some colleges that offer master's degrees in sports management and this is obviously a large advantage in getting a job. To become a sports and fitness manager it is important to have a good business sense and the ability to communicate and negotiate in serious discussions about big issues. 

Curriculum Guide. To view general education requirements for this major, please visit the catalog.


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Department of Kinesiology


A degree from the Kinesiology department prepares you for work in a hospital, school, fitness center, or gymnasium.  It also serves as preparation for graduate education in physical or occupational therapy, exercise physiology, or sports medicine.  Additional certifications offered in connection with degrees in the Kinesiology department increase employment opportunities.


  • Physical Therapist
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Recreational Director
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Fitness Specialist

Expected employment growth of physical therapists 2010 to 2020

Kinesiology Core Curriculum  
Item #TitleCredits
KINT 110Fundamentals of Kinesiology3
KINT 201Introductino to Kinesiology Research1
KINT 241 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
KINT 310 Motor Learning3
KINT 321Exercise Physiology3
KINT 331Biomechanics3
KINT 490Senior Seminar (capstone/Portfolio)1
 Sub-Total Credits17


Required Courses  
Item #TitleCredits
KINA 115Resistance Tarining1
KINT 252ACSM Certified Personal Trainer3
KINT 354NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist3
KINT 450Administration of Kinesiology3
KINT 452ACSM Certified Health & Fitness Specialist3
KINT 460 Applied Social Research Methods3
KINT 485Sports and Fitness Management Internship6
 Sub-Total Credits19
Required Cognates  
Item #TitleCredits
ACCT 211Accounting Principles 13
BIOL 101Anatomy & Physiology 14
BIOL 102 Anatomy & Physiology 24
BAUD 301Principles of Management3
BAUD 372Human Resources Management3
BAUD 472Business Policies and Strategies3
 ECON 211 or ECON 2123
FNCE 321Business Finance3
MATH 141Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MKTG 343Principles of Marketing3
 Sub-Total Credits32


Faculty Profiles

Vesa Naukkarinen, MS

Associate Professor

Chad Hutchinson, MS

Assistant Professor

Paulino Santos-Andino, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor and Department Chair