Directory of Student Association Officials

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Yu Hu

Student Association President

My name is Yu Hu and I am from China. I have been going to school in Texas for seven years, and this is my last year at SWAU. I major in psychology, and some of my hobbies are dancing, cooking, and reading.




Ashlyn Tyler

Student Association Executive Vice President

Hey guys! I'm Ashlyn Tyler & I'm the SA Vice President! I was born and raised here in Keene, TX, so I know this town like the back of my hand. I'm a Junior Kinesiology major with a Psych minor but hmu if you ever want some new music to listen to because I LOVE sharing music :)) I live off campus but if you need to find me I'm most likely in my office in the SA building so come on by!! I look forward to working with y'all :))

Kyle Barrow

Student Association Religious Vice President

Hey! I’m Kyle Barrow, and am a theology major with a phychology minor. I am from Maryland and was homeschooled my whole life before coming here. I am very passionate about bringing people to Jesus and basketball

Jaleigh Garmon

Student Association Social Vice President 

Heyy! My name is Jaleigh Garmon and I am your Social VP! I am a sophomore communications (online media emphasis) major from Florida who loves matcha lattes and making friends, so don’t be shy! I’m looking forward to a great year :)

Aaron Sotello

Student Association Financial Vice President

My name is Aaron Sotelo Fernandez. I am from Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Mexico. I am senior mathematics secondary education. I am the Financial VP. I enjoy spending time learning about various topics. Topics such as politics, world wide events, and the Bible. One interesting fact about me is that at one point of my life I was given an opportunity to play the bassoon. I am excited to to see what the semester has in store. I don’t know what to expect. However, I know God has everything under control.

Vitor Monteiro

Student Association Director of Public Relations

Hi y’all my name is Vitor Monteiro, I’m you PR officer. I have lots of experience in photography and video but now I’ll be leading a team of talented designers and photographers to bring to all of you all our events and making sure that you are all up dated on the latest news.

Singbawi Sing

Roundtable Publications Director

Hello yo! I am the one they call Sing. I be the one managing our Publications called The Roundtable. I’m a senior theology major. I love noodles like an Asian, but not too fond of rice, unlike most Asians lol. You’ll find me either in my office in SA building or in Student Center. Come lets hang out!

Jose Castro

Mizpah Yearbook Editor

So…. I’m José and I am from Guatemala, but I have lived in Houston for 10 years. I love taking photos and some might say I am a communications major, but I’m actually studying theology. This year I will love to capture the fun and memorable moments in SWAU

Pamela Mariscal-Arzola

Student Association Secretary

Hey guys! My name is Pamela and I am a freshman this year as well as the SA secretary. I am a biology major with a minor in Business. I am on the volleyball team . Cant wait to see what this year brings for everyone! GO KNIGHTS!!!!

Vivian Harper


Hey my name is Vivian. I’m from a small town in Arkansas. I’m a english major. I want to be a english teacher and then at some point set up my own bookstore. I want to travel. I’m a huge music geeks so if you ever wanna talk about music I’m the person to come to.