A calling requires preparation. Our religion program focuses on preparing pastors and Bible workers for excellence in ministry through Biblical understanding, personal application, church leadership and administration, and evangelism. Classroom work is balanced by application in mission trips and our student-conducted School of Evangelism, which results in baptisms every year.


Most of our graduates are hired as pastors in various Adventist conferences. Other graduates attend the Seminary or enter other programs for chaplaincy, counseling, medicine, or teaching. They also become qualified to work as missionaries, colporteur directors, religion editors in publishing companies, Bible teachers in grade schools and academies, or departmental directors and administrators at various levels of the Adventist Church.

Job Outlook
Our graduates are interviewed each year by conference presidents within the Southwestern Union as well as from outside of the Union. About 90% of our graduates are hired as pastors or as youth/associate pastors. Employment opportunities will increase in the next few years as a significant number of pastors in North America will retire from active ministry.

Educational Qualifications
Graduates are strongly encouraged to pursue graduate work in order to meet the demands of a highly educated society and the needs of local parishioners. A doctorate will be required for those who want to teach religion at an Adventist college or seminary level.

Curriculum Guide. To view general education requirements for this major, please visit the catalog.


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Graduates are interviewed every year by conference presidents within the Southwestern Union as well as from outside the Union. Employment opportunities throughout North America are expected to increase in the next few years as many pastors will be retiring from active ministry.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” --Luke 10:2. Not everyone is qualified to serve as a pastor, a missionary or a Bible worker. Are you? God may be calling you.


  • Pastor
  • Church administrator
  • Bible worker
  • Teacher
  • Youth worker
  • Missionary
  • Hospital chaplain
  • Military chaplain


percent of our recent religion and theology graduates are working or are in graduate school.

BA Theology  
Item #TitleCredits

RELT 101

Christian Beliefs


RELT 207

Research in Religion


RELB 211

Life and Teachings of Jesus


RELP 220

Christian Witnessing


RELH 230

History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


RELB 313

Prophetic Studies


RELH 320Ellen White Writings3

RELP 323

Homiletics 1


RELP 324Homiletics 23

RELH 332

History of Christianity 2


RELT 405Biblical Theology3


RELB 410 or RELB 411


RELP 423Pastoral Ministry 13
RELP 424Pastoral Ministry 23
RELP 425Field Evangelism3
RELP 427Hospital Ministry1


RELB Electives



Sub-Total Credits


Required Cognates  
Item #Title Credits
COMM 111Speech3
HIST 331History of Christianity 13
PSYC 212General Psychology3
 Sub-Total Credits9


Faculty Profiles

Jorge Rico, PhD


Joaquim Azevedo, PhD

Associate Professor/Department Chair

Michael Campbell, PhD

Associate Professor