Transitions in Faculty and Staff for 2020-21 School Year at Southwestern Adventist University

Brisa Ramirez

There are several transitions and a few new faces at Southwestern Adventist University for the 2020-2021 school year. Ana Patterson and Rahneeka Hazelton, who have both been a part of the SWAU family for several years, are transitioning into new roles. Additionally, new faculty members are joining the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Biology and the Department of Education & Psychology. 
Ana Patterson has been selected as the new special assistant to the president. She previously worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Business Administration. In her new role, Patterson will assist with the management and coordination of institution-wide projects and initiatives. 
“I am excited to have the opportunity to serve young adults during such a pivotal time in their lives,” says Patterson. “I look forward to joining a team that is dedicated to making our campus a welcoming place where students from all walks of life can grow in knowledge and faith.” 
Rahneeka Hazelton, who has worked in the Office of Enrollment Management for eight years is transitioning to the role of Assistant Vice President for Enrollment. Of this new position, Hazelton says, “I am enthusiastic at the opportunity to learn new and innovative ways to make the Southwestern experience even better.” She wants future students to know about the value of a Christian education. “Here at SWAU, we are more than friends; we are family. I know that sounds cliché, but I mean it and I am ready to prove it.”
A new addition to the SWAU faculty is Erin Maloney, who is joining the Department of Biology as an associate professor. She graduated from SWAU with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2000 and became a research assistant in a biomedical research lab shortly after graduation. She began her doctoral program with the plan to continue in biomedical research but realized near the end of that program that she most enjoyed the aspects of research that involved teaching and explaining her research to others.
Over the past seven years Maloney served as a biology instructor at Ouachita Hills College in Amity, Arkansas.  She is enthusiastic about returning to her Southwestern home. “I'm excited about being part of the department where I was first inspired to love biology and to once again be a part of the school that brought my family into the Adventist faith,” shares Maloney. “My great grandfather was the first in our family to graduate from Southwestern.”
Joining the Department of Business Administration is Satyanarayana Ramella. He has just moved to the area from Amity, Arkansas where he was working as professor and chair of the Business Department at Ouachita Hills College. He says, “I am excited to utilize my skills in the area of business to be a part of the development and growth of SWAU.” He views his work as a professor as his ministry because it is an opportunity to help prepare each student for this world and the world to come.
Finally, the Department of Education & Psychology is welcoming Keila Santos-Crespo. Santos-Crespo completed both her master’s and her doctorate in clinical psychology at Carlos Albizu University in Puerto Rico before going on to work at a mental health clinic in Massachusetts where she served as a full-time clinician, clinical supervisor, and program director over the course of five years.
“Since high school, I knew I enjoyed listening to people, being empathetic towards their feelings, and just helping them feel better overall,” she reflects. Santos-Crespo entered college to study international business, but a humanities class professor inspired her to pursue her true passion. Now she is excited about inspiring students to follow their passion, whatever it may be.
The staff and faculty at Southwestern Adventist University work together to ensure a quality education is provided within a Christian environment. If you are interested in learning more about SWAU, visit

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