Travel Log

It is our goal to ensure our students are able to complete the courses they started this semester.  We are discussing and preparing for the best course of action for each area of study. Rest assured that it is our intent to accommodate students to the best of our abilities.  Further information regarding content delivery will be available by Wednesday, March 18th.

To protect our students, faculty, and staff, we are incorporating the current guidelines and standards set by the CDC and WHO by requiring a completed travel form as well as compliance with social distancing for students to be allowed to return to campus. Until further notice, students returning from Spring Break will be required to complete this form and receive written confirmation from Student Services.

Please note that submission of this form indicates that you agree to comply with social distancing guidelines and recognizes that you will await confirmation before returning to campus.


If you are feeling sick, please share symptoms.
Share locations and dates where/when you traveled in the past 28 days.
If you have visited a hospital in the past 28 days, whether to visit, work or do clinicals, please share date(s), department(s) and name of facilities.