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The Write Spot

The Write Spot is an exceptional tutoring service provided by the English Department, available to students of all academic disciplines. 

The Write Spot officially opens for business on September 17.

Hours & Location

Located on the ground floor of the Chan Shun Centennial Library, the Write Spot is open both daytime and evening hours, but varies based on the day of the week.

Find the full schedule on the library’s website, or contact Lindsey Gendke at for more information.



“The Write Spot isn’t for students who can’t write, it’s for students who are serious about their writing, says Kylie Kurth, a student tutor for the Write Spot. "I love working at the Write Spot because I find so much joy in encouraging other students.”

Whether you are writing an essay for your religion class, a research paper for biology, or a personal memoir, the Write Spot is here to help!

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