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The Write Spot

The Write Spot is an exceptional tutoring service provided by the English Department, available to students of all academic disciplines. To request a tutoring session, report to the front desk of the library during scheduled tutoring hours (see below) and sign in with a library staff member. No appointments necessary! Then, simply walk in. Our tutors, trained English majors and experienced faculty writers, are at your service!

Hours & Location

Located on the ground floor of the Chan Shun Centennial Library, the Write Spot is open both daytime and evening hours, but varies based on the day of the week.

Find the full schedule below, or contact Renard Doneskey at for more information.


best colleges, us news, southwestern adventist university, write spot



Tutors are trained to assist students at all stages of the writing process, including:

  • Understanding assignment requirements
  • Brainstorming ideas 
  • Drafting
  • Organizing
  • Revising
  • Editing

Tutors can also provide help with documentation and some citation styles (mainly MLA and APA). 


Things to Know Before You Visit


Tutors are here to help students through their own writing processes; we will not invent, write, or edit papers for students. We also cannot be a substitute for discipline-specific writing instruction. When your assignment requires writing methods or styles that are VERY discipline specific, we advise you to work with your instructor to understand the specific assignment requirements BEFORE you visit us. (It is helpful to remember that, even within a given discipline, various professors prefer certain writing styles.)


That said, we are happy to assist you with any writing project, whether you are writing an essay for your religion class, a research paper for biology, or a personal memoir. Whatever you are working on, we simply request that you bring your assignment guidelines from your instructor, so we can help you write your best response for the assignment’s particular audience and purpose.


Thanks for helping us help you. We look forward to serving you in the Write Spot!