Academic Tutoring

The Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA) exists to provide academic, social, and career advising. CASA is available to all students, providing guidance with life skills, selecting a major course of study, class registration, and developing educational and career goals and plans. 


Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are accomplished in their area of expertise and are ready to support each student's academic journey! Click below to meet them!

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Honors Program

Being an Honors student doesn't mean more work, just more challenging work. The goal is to kindle an intellectual spark in those who are seeking more from the world, and to provide them with the recognition of their success when they graduate with honors.


SWAU Online

We understand that life is busy and we know that a college degree is important to you!

Here at SWAU Online, our faculty and staff look forward to making your online education enjoyable, flexible, and successful. Take a look at the programs and services that we offer and please connect with us so an enrollment counselor can answer any questions you may have!