2016 Nursing Grads in the Workforce

2016 Nursing Grads in the Workforce

Tiffany Falcon, 2016 nursing grad and ICU resident in Dallas

If there is one question that most new graduates cringe at hearing it is, “What are your plans after graduation?” Thankfully many in my class, the nursing class of 2016, can answer with, “I have a nursing job!”  It is beyond exciting and rewarding to have four years of hard work come to fruition in the form of a job.

The Southwestern Adventist University Department of Nursing has the privilege of sending their students to two magnet hospitals, a level one trauma center, and other hospitals with trauma, stroke, and cardiac designations for clinicals, which is the nursing equivalent of an internship.  Not all nursing schools have access to such top-notch hospitals.  This amazing privilege has allowed a large portion of the graduating class to have jobs even before graduation.  I personally have been blessed with a position in the ICU residency at a level one trauma center. Of the 25 residents accepted into this program, five of them are graduates of Southwestern’s 2016 nursing class.  Texas produces about 10,000 nursing graduates a year.  In addition to my ICU residency, three are in the Neuro Progressive Care Unit and another is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

The rest of our class has jobs in a variety of hospitals.  One student placed in another residency program in an ICU located in Fort Worth (where two 2015 graduates currently work), another was accepted into a residency in downtown Dallas, and two have jobs in hospitals in Waxahachie, one of which will be working in the emergency department.  It is rare for a new graduate to get into the ER department right out of school.  Several graduates will be starting at Texas Health Huguley Hospital in the Progressive Care Unit, another will be starting an operating room nurse residency in Dallas, and another will begin as an emergency room nurse at a children’s hospital.  This is only a short list of those who have been blessed with jobs immediately after nursing school. 

If there is one thing that nursing school showed us it is that the job market is very competitive.  But something that we as a University and student body have been blessed with is a good reputation.  

“Texas Health Huguley Hospital is excited about the partnership with Southwestern Adventist University,” says Tammy Collier, Vice President for Patient Care Services.  “Students and our clinical teams work together to develop clinical skills and professionalism in nursing.  We believe this partnership encourages growth on both sides and prepares new nurses as a part of an active and participative team member.  We are lucky to have this alliance.”

Competitive hospitals are asking for our graduates to apply and come work for them because they know that a Southwestern Adventist University graduate is not only qualified, but also has a heart for service.


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