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The world needs global citizens, now more than ever.  Study abroad puts you at a distinct advantage over those who have never ventured outside their country of origin.  What you learn in an overseas environment, you never would any other way.  Immersion is also the best way to learn a foreign language, though study abroad can be combined with nearly any major or degree.  Adventist Colleges Abroad has been helping students from North America experience the world in a friendly and supportive environment for over 50 years.  Almost any Southwestern student can take advantage of this opportunity, whether for an entire school year, a semester, or just a few weeks during the summer.  Our ACA programs are surprisingly feasible, both financially and logistically.  Learn more at


The Program:
Newbold College of Higher Education (British history, literature, culture, etc.)
Spain: Escuela Superior de Español de Sagunto  (Spanish language, culture, etc.)
Argentina: Universidad Adventista del Plata  (Spanish language, Latin American culture, etc.)
France: Campus Adventist du Salève  (French language, culture, etc.)
Germany: Theologische Hochschule Friedensau  (German language, culture, etc.)
Austria: Seminar Schloss Bogenhofen  (German language, Austrian/German culture, etc.)
Italy: Istituto Avventista di Cultura Biblia Villa Aurora  (Italian language, culture, art, architecture, etc.)
Brazil: Centro Universitário Adventista de São Paulo  (Portuguese language, Brazilian culture, etc.)
China: Hong Kong Adventist College  (Mandarin language, Chinese culture, etc.)
Lebanon: Middle East University  (Arabic language and culture, etc.)
Israel: Jerusalem Study Center (Biblical Hebrew language, summer session only)


Intercultural perspective is an advantage in any field, and essential in many.  In an increasingly global society, there's an increasing need for professionals who have experienced interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds.  Not only are our ACA campuses located all over the world, but each campus is full of students, faculty, and staff from a variety of countries and ethnic groups.  Living overseas as part of your undergraduate experience will uniquely equip you for leadership in nearly any field, including business, politics, education, missions and ministry, communication, health, science, and public service. 


Elizabeth Bowser, MA

Department of History & Social Science
Assistant Professor