Marvin & Dee Anderson Scholarship

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Marvin & Dee Anderson

The Anderson family has dedicated many years of service to Southwestern Adventist University. Marvin was the longest-serving president in the history of Southwestern, from 1984 until 2001, a period of notable growth at the university. Dee worked alongside Marvin, serving as chair of the Department of Education- Psychology. Through her tenure, the department became not only the largest on campus, but one of the largest in the entire North American Division. Together Marvin and Dee are responsible for marked improvements and leadership in their 56 years of combined service.

The Andersons’ three children also attended Southwestern. Danny took courses and worked for the University for almost six years in the custodial department, service station, cafeteria, and printing press. In ’89, Eric worked for the University for 15 years in many of the same capacities as Danny but had also been an adjunct professor in business and education-psychology. Amy, ’93, spent five years as an administrative assistant and part-time instructor in the Department of Education- Psychology.

Marvin and Dee fell in love while students at Union College and married in 1963. Marvin is only somewhat retired now. After leaving Southwestern, he became president of a private foundation in Washington, D.C., and continued teaching business. He is now teaching at the University of Texas at Arlington. Dee enjoys her retirement which allows for plenty of time to travel, read, and spend time with their three grandchildren.

This scholarship was established by Marvin and Dee’s children in honor of their dedication and service to the university. Their leadership in moving Southwestern ahead while preserving the history and many elements that make Southwestern unique among other Adventist colleges and universities represented in this scholarship.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Genesis Lopez Valenzuela

2019-2020 -Jai Geetooah

2018-2019 -Maria Cruz Basoco

2017-2018 -Luis Astudillo

2016-2017 - Nicole Cillo

2015-2016 - Cody Anderson 

2015-2014 - Nhất Nguyen 

2014-2013 - Michael Casco 

2013-2012 - Josue Maldonado 

2012-2011 - Wendy Amimo & Inestral Pierre 

2009-2010 - Cynthia Jaimes , Ernest Maitland , Dessya Palit , Antonio Peterson , Esther Portes , Graciela Prieto , Christopher Rhodes &  Mario Robles 

2008-2009 - Carlos Arellano , Jose Laporte , Ethan Muse &  Michael Razon 

2007-2008 - Matthew Williams 

2006-2007 - Marvin Yordan 

2005-1006 - Aaron Proctor , Peter Taylor