Irene Black Scholarship

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Irene Black

Irene Black first came to Keene as a student in 1921. She graduated from Southwestern Junior College in 1923. She went on to work for the Oklahoma Conference as a secretary but returned to Southwestern when the president of the college offered her a job as his secretary. She also worked as registrar for the college.

Ms. Black left Keene in 1927 to continue her education at Emmanuel Missionary College and later at Washington Missionary College. She worked as registrar at Walla Walla College for over 20 years before returning to Keene in 1965.

Even though her work in various fields spanned four decades, she always said the most important part of her career was her “missionary project.” She generously supported Christian education in a number of ways, but her specialty was in providing room and board for women while they attended college. She began her project when she lived in Washington. During her lifetime she provided for nearly 60 women.

Ms. Black established this scholarship in December of 1986, and she died on October 31, 1991. Recipients are selected on the basis of financial need and scholastic achievement. The same student may be eligible for the scholarship for up to four years.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Isabel Grimaldo

2019-2020 -Isabel Grimaldo

2018-2019 -Dale Samson Sembeba

2017-2018 -Daniela Recalde

2016-2017 - Maria Reyes

2015-2016 - Ridge Tull 

2014-2015 - Randy Vera 

2013-2014 - Andreas Jensen 

2012-2013 - Larissa Knop 

2011-2012- Javier Velasquez 

2010-2011 - Chinyere  Ugkebu & Javier Velasquez 

2008-2009 - Nicholas Osborn 

2007-2009 - Shelly Small & Nicholas Osborn 

2006-2007 - Sabina Mauricio 

2005-2006 - Charles Clarke