Frances Draper Brennan Scholarship

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Frances Draper Brennan

During her fifty-year career as a nurse and administrator, Frances Draper Brennan (1919-1997) modeled excellence and quality in the field of nursing. Exceptional care for others and uncompromising integrity was not only a moral imperative for her but also a necessary component in guiding family members and colleagues. Passionately devoted to her nursing career, her example in expecting only the best in others was her personal professional legacy.

A 1934 graduate of Boulder Sanitarium in Colorado, Mrs. Brennan began her career at Denver General Hospital, where she was the first nurse in Colorado to care for a polio patient using the iron lung technology. Gaston Episcopal Hospital in Dallas was known in the metroplex as the pinnacle of nursing care and was her professional home for 38 years.

As a single parent, she sympathized particularly with other single parents who juggled career, parenting, and education. Her commitment will continue to be a stellar role model for friends, colleagues, and her daughter, Linda Brennan Becker. In her spirit of service for others, a scholarship for a single parent pursuing a degree has been established in her name.

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Daniel Illingworth

2019-2020 -Brenda Brightman

2018-2019 -Inna Kendall

2016-2017 - Melissa Perez

2015-2016 - Stacy Pitzer

2014-2015 - Gladys Onsongo

2013-2014 - Joan Stewart

2011-2012 - Michele Graham

2009-2010 - Morna Agoki

2008-2009 - Morna Agoki

2006-2007 - James Dechavez

2005 -2006 - Lyn Hakeem, Ofear Moore

2003-2004 - Angela Stewart, Sheressa Wadley

2001-2002 - Brenda Jobe, Sandra Robinson