Raleigh & Edith Burchfield Scholarship

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Raleigh & Edith Burchfield

Raleigh and Edith Burchfield gave a lifetime of service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Both were teachers, and for several years Elder Burchfield worked in various treasury departments for the church. In retirement, he worked unceasingly for Southwestern, including service as Alumni Association president and as a guiding force behind the book "Lest We Forget." Edith Burchfield died in 1994; Raleigh died in 1998.

The Burchfield's had a special interest in the history of the school. A member of the class of 1925, Raleigh Burchfield moved to Keene in 1918 when a flu epidemic forced his family to leave California. He said, without hesitation, that the most important thing he got from his education in Keene was his lovely wife.

Edith Truitt Burchfield was a member of the class of 1927. Her roots in Keene go back to her grandfather, W.S. Greer, who was president of the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in 1892. It was he who transacted the purchase of 800 acres in Johnson County on which the college was built. "I remember how it was for me," said Burchfield. "I know there are lots of kids out there with good minds and no resources who would like to study. Someone gave to help me; I want to give so that young people coming to school now can have that same blessing."

After more than 60 years of supporting Christian education, Raleigh and Edith Burchfield established this scholarship in the fall of 1986. Students receiving the scholarship are designated "Burchfield Scholars." Students are selected on the basis of financial need and/or scholastic achievement. The same student may be eligible for the scholarship for up to four years.

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Eboni Smith, Onalethata Modiga, Erika Herrera-Ocana, Justin Lamb

2019-2020 -Eboni Smith, Jacely Sanchez, Onalethata Modiga, Garret Mayweather

2018-2019 -Evelyn Garcia, Jonathan Escobar

2017-2018 -Claudia Aniles, Itzel Herrera, Amanda Madigan, Maria Mendez

2016-2017 -Hania Correa, Maria Mendez, Emily Hernandez, Etzel Herrera

2015-2016 - Dominick Alipoon, Allan Hernandez, Gage Rice

2014-2015 - Allan Hernandez, Gizel Mendez

2013-2014 - Oscar Lopez

2012-2013 - Oscar Lopez

2011-2012 - Oscar Lopez, Kiehl Morgan

2010-2011 - Leticia Cortes, Mary Holway

2009 -2010 - Leticia Cortes, Jamel Fluellen, Mary Holway

2008-2009 - Jamel Fluellen, Ryan Hiebert

2007-2008 - Jorge Catumbela, Ryan Hiebert, Austin Proctor, Jennifer Smith

2006-2007 - Marisa Morales, Austin Proctor