Jimmie C. Culpepper Scholarship

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Jimmie C. Culpepper

Born in 1904, Jimmie Culpepper grew up in Jefferson, Texas. He attended Southwestern Junior College and graduated in 1925. A few years later, he married his childhood friend, Erna Mae Hancock, and together they gave their lives to mission service. The Culpeppers went as missionaries to Spain soon after their marriage. They returned to this side of the Atlantic Ocean before World War II and began mission service in the South American and Inter-American divisions where he was publishing director.

After 43 years of service, he retired and returned to his old hometown of Jefferson. Jimmie Culpepper died in November of 1986. "He was one of the old-time colporteurs," says Dr. Hagen. "He had lots of spirit and was a very dedicated person."

In his last correspondence with the college, shortly before his death, Jimmie Culpepper stated that he planned to be here for graduation to see his granddaughter graduate from his school. He was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at homecoming in 1987.

The Jimmie C. Culpepper Scholarship was established in 1979 by Dr. Lessie Hagen, Jimmie Culpepper's cousin. Elder Culpepper dedicated his life to publishing work, and this scholarship was established for students who plan to work for the church.


Student Recipients

2016-2017 Adalberto Olazaran

2015-2016 - Axel Hanson 

2014-2015 - Nahum Mendez 

2013-2014 - Viera De Oliveira

2012-2013 - Sanchez Gonzalez 

2011-2012 - Molitoni Hola

2009-2010 - Carlos Rodriguez 

2008-2009 - Miclisse Saimphar 

2006-2007 - Terry Ruebush

2005-2006 - John Jeremiah 

2004-2005 - John Jeremiah