Edwards-Wiest Scholarship

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Edwards-Wiest Scholarship

The Edwards-Wiest Scholarship honors two ladies: Mildred Edwards and her niece, Ruth Wiest.

Mildred Edwards taught high school art in Kingston, Pennsylvania, for 30 years and saw many of her students go on to become great successes in the world of art.

When Miss Edwards retired from teaching, she led a crusade to develop a housing project for the elderly in her hometown of Wellsboro; was president of the Art Club during its development of the Gmeiner Art Center; and helped the Irvin Comstock Seventh-day Adventist Elementary School acquire library books, audiovisual equipment and a computer.

Edwards died in 1988, at the age of 95. A portion of her estate came to Southwestern, “a college with higher standards,” in her words.  Her interest in Southwestern stemmed from the long service of her only niece, Ruth Wiest, who was the head librarian and associate librarian between the years of 1960 and 1983. Until her death in 1995, Miss Wiest held the rank of librarian emeritus.

Miss Wiest came to Southwestern after a number of years teaching English and Spanish, as well as serving as librarian at Adventist academies across North America. Her first year at Southwestern, the library was moved from the old administration building on the south side of campus to the Findley Building. Using Medical Cadet Corps troops, she supervised the move in just two days. With the move complete, “there was singing in the library that night,” she laughed. She watched Southwestern’s library grow from 16,000 items in 1960 to over 425,000 today.

During her years at Southwestern, she provided rooms in her home for a number of students, particularly foreign students who needed help in order to go to college. The Edwards-Wiest Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.

Students Recipients

2021-2022 - Franklin Allen

2017-2018 -Semu Siologa

2016-2017 - Joshua Ramirez

2015-2016 - Godwin Sang

2014-2015 - Elias Ortega

2013-2014 - Elias Ortega , Vieira de Oliveira

2012-2013 - Nelson Behana

2011-2012 - Wendy Animo , Jerry Pinzon

2009-2010 - Jeanielliz Bermudez

2008-2009 - Kenneth Lopez

2007-2008 - Sonia Neave

2006-2007 - Susann Colquehuanca

2005-2006 - Rachelle Beaty