Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder Scholarship

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Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder

Dr. Frederick E. J. Harder was born in Clinton, Missouri, in 1916. He attended Union College, Walla Walla College and Emmanuel Missionary College (Andrews University). He graduated studies in archaeology and history of antiquity, and intensive Russian language, and earned his Ph.D. in education at New York University. He served as president of Middle East College in Beirut, Lebanon. He also chaired the Board of Higher Education of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Washington D.C.

Marjorie Myrtle (Harris) Harder was born in 1919, in Milton, Oregon. She attended Walla Walla College, Atlantic Union College and Andrews University. She studied secretarial science and art and earned her master's degree in education and art.

It was at Walla Walla College that Frederick and Marjorie met, and they married in June of 1939. They had two children; Frederick Lee Harder and Claudette Lucille (Harder) Hartman. Upon their 60th wedding anniversary, Frederick wrote ". . . this makes us the more eager . . . not for another 60 years together, but for an eternity in which we can share what eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him." They celebrated 66 years together before Frederick passed away in November of 2005. Marjorie was laid to rest only five months later.

The F. E. J. & Marjorie Harder Scholarship was established by their son, Dr. Fred L. Harder, and daughter-in-law, Virginia. This scholarship is awarded to an education major, recommended by the Department of Education at Southwestern Adventist University.

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Cecilia Cabrera

2019-2020 -Tara Thompson, Elizabeth Aguirre

2018-2019 -Maria Tax, Jonathan Sanctucci

2017-2018 -Nicelyne Michel, Jacquelyn De Los Santos

2016-2017 -Luis Soria

2015-2016 - Melissa Anderson , Dalla Rodriguez

2014-2015 - Annabel Martinez , Ella Nguyen

2013-2014 - Stephanie Botello , Pamela Jackson Elwin

2012-2013 - Wendy Amimo , Justin Peterson

2011-2012 - Wendy Amimo , Melissa Nash

2010-2011 - Liliana Arjona , Tyler Fowler

2009-2010 - Ana Chong , Priscilla Razon

2008-2009 - Matthew Harget , Lindsay Hong

2007-2008 - Matthew Harget , Shelly Small , Linda Thomas