Dale Heinrich Music Scholarship

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Dale Heinrich

Dale Ernest Heinrich was born February 26, 1961, at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. As a young child, Dale exhibited characteristics he would carry throughout his life: he was extremely attentive to detail, he loved animals, and at the age of 13, he gave his first solo piano recital. On the bottom of the program his teacher noted, "For only four years of piano study, he is well on his way as a virtuoso. He has a tremendous repertoire for his young age." Dale could sit at the piano with headphones, listening to a song and simultaneously playing it, in the same key or transposed.

After graduating from Chisholm Trail Academy in 1979, Dale went to California and attended a school for travel agents. In 1982, he returned to Keene to work at Keene Travel and to attend Southwestern as a communication major. In the fall of 1985, Dale began playing for services at the First United Methodist Church in Joshua. He felt his ministry was music. He could share his love of God with all people and grow to be their friend through his musical ability.

One Sunday evening, Dale rode his motorcycle to a chili supper given by his friends at the Methodist church. On his way home, he was hit by a car. On Monday, February 17, 1986, Dale died. Dale Heinrich was a friend to everyone he met. Before the funeral, his family requested donations for a scholarship in his memory, instead of sending flowers. Although the church was filled with bouquets, the Dale Heinrich Music Scholarship has one of the longest lists of individual donors of any Southwestern scholarship.

Recipients must be musically talented and willing to share that talent with others.


Students Recipients   

YearNameYear Name
2020-2021Justin Yudhistira1987-1988Donna Cunningham
2019-2020Erin Ricafrente1987-1988Jerry Mann
2018-2019Caleb Whittington1988-1889Gilson Girotto
2016-2017Isabeau Wrasse1890-1990Russell Chin
2015-2016Isabeau Wrasse1990-1991Benny Lee
2014-2015Trent Muse1991-1992Ingo Sorke
2013-2014Melissa DePaiva1992-1993Bonnie Sanders
2012-2013Karen Garza1993-1994Neidy Morales
2011-2012Mwila Mwansa1994-1995Milton Retamozo
2010-2011Kelli Jacobs1995-1996Jami Kimbrough
2009-2010Shion Miyagi1996-1997Randy Brehms
2008-2009Jorge Rico III1997-1998Rony Drachenberg
2007-2008Meagan Spivey1998-1999Jonathan Guerrero
2007-2008Jorge Rico III1999-2000Leandro Bizama
2007-2008Jonathan Castillo2000-2001Melissa Westmore
2007-2008Devin Anavitarte2001-2002Kisha Norris

Aaron Weber

2002-2003Leandro Bizama
2006-2007Rose Fitch2003-2004David Harrington

Devin Anavitarte

2004-2005Tommy Jones
2005-2006Tommy Jones